How it all began ...

Pool Boy calls me from Costco yesterday, telling me that they've reduced the price of one of their big screen TV's by $300.

Sounds good, but heellllo?... we don't have the money for the first $1500!!!

It really annoys me that I have to be the spending police in this regard.

He should know himself. He doesn't contribute financially to a great extent to this household. The burden all falls back on me.

This is the root of my unstable mood which has been building for two years now. Oh and my mother passing away near the beginning of that two years hasn't helped, but it's not the sole cause of any depression I may be battling.

I used to use shopping therapy to help me out of any depressed states, but no longer. I have cut back all my shopping to nil. I don't even go out anymore unless it's to work or walk the dog or visit Dad or my sisters.

I use blogging as my escape and he gets mad about that.

Hello? You do not contribute significantly to our household finances, you've seen me cut back on our spending so much (including getting rid of our housecleaner) and you have the nerve to complain about my blogging, my only outlet and pleasure???

You're really starting to piss me off.

Oh yeah, and during my spare time on weekends I'm supposed to get jiggy with doing the deep cleaning in this house.

I feel miserable.

He is a good guy and has a lot of good qualities. I will post a retort to this later. In the meantime I just need to get this off my chest.

I hope this is the beginning of me holding back no longer.


Cheeky said...

oh honey we should talk....I am soooo feeling ya

Fleur de Lisa said...

Have you come out and told PB how you feel? I know that sounds obvious..

Resentment is such a powerful thing, it builds and builds until it takes you over completely. Trust me, I know.